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Choosing how to finish the office is no easy task. It is a good idea to consult an architect, who is up to date with the wide range of products available on the market.

Take into account the following concerns:



Today's office flooring is not restricted to grey carpet. New products are available in a surprising variety of colours and patterns. You can also choose from many interesting washable solutions other than tiles.


Dividing walls / acoustic panels 

Those renting a large space often use different kinds of partitions and acoustic panels to divide the interior and mute noises without resorting to actual walls. Partitions are quick and easy to install and remove whenever you need to change the arrangement.



Aesthetics is certainly an important factor when choosing furniture for the office, but it should not be your top concern. Above all, the workplace should be adapted to the needs of human bodies.

Adjustable office chairs are already standard equipment, and we are seeing the emergence of electrically adjustable desks. Portable cabinets are an increasingly popular addition to modern desks.

A properly designed workplace increases the comfort of the employee as well as the employer's profits. With adjustable desks and chairs, people enjoy better health, especially of the spine, and they are much more effective at their jobs.

The company Jaga Trendy Gdańsk specializes in ergonomic workplace design.

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