The revitalisation of the northern point of the Granary Island - Project Granaria is under way

2015-08-07 09:00

Granaria is the new name given to the northern point of Granary Island by the investor. The inspiration came from the Latin word "granarium" which means granary. This way, the new name relates directly to the historical function of Granary Island. The project is implemented by the consortium of companies Immobel and Multibud W. Ciurzyński S.A. based on a public-private partnership formula with the City of Gdańsk. The design involves leaving the remains of the historic granaries, adding traditional materials to modern solutions used in developing this amazing location. The design integrates historic buildings with a modern vision of the city. The design utilises architecture based on a creative dialogue with history and respect for history; at the same time it takes into consideration the changing functions of cities and new needs of their inhabitants. A site that was once the largest granary in Europe will become a lively centre of modern Gdańsk. The project includes housing premises, a four-star hotel, underground car parking, restaurants, commercial premises and offices. The useable area of the entire project is about 58 700 m2. The project will be implemented in 4 phases, which will be completed by the end of 2023. The project will be accompanied by several public investment projects related to modernisation of road infrastructure, reconstruction of the Stągiewny Bridge into a drawbridge, expansion of the marina and building a footbridge connecting the island with Długie Pobrzeże. This will provide the inhabitants of Gdańsk with a new space that blends into the atmosphere of the city by relating to its history and roots.




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